Main Areas of Our Programs


Feeding, Clothing, Housing 

Our guests receive 3 hot meals a day, are given clothing and have a place to call home in our facility throughout the HOF 3 phase program. 

Be Taught a Trade 

While in our 3 phase program, our guests learn a trade in construction, carpentry, auto-mechanics, or lawn care servicing. 

Building Social & Life Skills and Educating 

We work with our guests to help reincorporate them back into society by helping them build new and restore relationships. They each also learn life skills such as cooking, financial budgeting, and continuing or furthering their education.  

Keeping our Vets Strong

Our goal is to build up and restore our guests to health using services for our guests to speak with a physician 24/7. We provide counseling, therapy, and case management throughout the program and up to a year after graduating for each of our guests as well. 

Our Program

We have a 3 phase program that all of our guests who stay in our facility will complete. They will spend time working on self-identity, learning a trade, building personal relationships, achieving new life skills, understanding budgeting and financial skills, and completing or continuing their education. 

Community Outreach Projects

We help with the lawn care at our community park, for our neighbors who may be elderly or single mothers, and at our facility. We also help with minor home repairs for families in need in our community. 

Building Homes for the Homeless

We go into our community and build homes for our guests who will graduate and move into them.

Our 3  Year HOF Growth Plan

We plan to transition into the larger building on our property to house, rehabilitate, and empower more homeless and homeless veterans. 



Our biggest project currently is the renovation of our facility. 

We are collecting lawn care equipment and hardware tools and supplies to have for our guests to utilize throughout the program.  

We are going out to feed and give blankets to our community's homeless and homeless veterans until our facility is completed to house them. 



We had a few new volunteers join us in helping with the restoration process on our facility. We have recently finished all the drywall, roof repairs, painting of the exterior, insulation, removed all of the floor tiles, and have removed all of the waste from the entire building. 



We have been blessed to continue impacting the homeless and homeless veterans in our community and neighboring communities. We have done many outings where we have prepared meals and disbursed warm clothing, shoes, hot hands, water, hats, gloves, and blankets to those in need. 

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